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As an award-winning independent educational consultant, ScholarEdge President Jason Lum has established himself as an expert in college and scholarship advising. He has worked with hundreds of students, school, universities, and companies. His clients include students from across the United States and East Asia, Fortune 500 companies, and scores of school districts. A sampling of the overwhelmingly positive feedback received in the last decade:

Jason, I have compiled the conference evaluations and there were many positive remarks regarding your presentation. Below are some of the great comments the VISTA members wrote about your presentation:

  • “Just what I needed! I'm motivated to apply for scholarships to fund my grad work!”
  • “The presenter was GREAT. He knew what he was talking about and was able to relay this information in an effective and humorous manner.”
  • “It was excellent, very helpful!”
  • “Jason rules! His presentation on financing grad school focused on the important things and he was funny. I also liked his emphasis on volunteerism, because that's what VISTA is all about.”
  • “So great! Funny!”
  • “He was practical and engaging. He's a great speaker for the end of a long day. GREAT!”
  • “Jason offered good advice for navigating the scholarship application process.”
  • “Very helpful, great presenter!”
  • “Jason was great! He held out attention the whole time and was enthusiastic. He gave a lot of helpful tips and ideas and really opened my eyes to different options out there; like going abroad with rotary scholarships. I definitely recommend him in the future.”
  • “He had some great advice that was very applicable to me and my situation! I would have listened to him for longer!”
  • “Crazy! Great!”
  • “Jason provided a lot of great tips on how to fund school. He made something as daunting as grad school seems more like a possibility.”

I also would agree with the comments above. Your presentation was extremely helpful and motivational. The tips given were essential in making students realize that there is money out there, they just need to access it.

~ Michelle P., AmeriCorps Vista Leader, Minnesota Housing Partnership

Hello! I attended your class at Maple Grove Senior High. I have to admit, I wasn't thrilled about coming to it because I thought it would be another boring lecture, but you surprised me! You taught me many valuable techniques that I can use in my search for scholarships; you also put everything into perspective. Even with a 3.7 GPA I doubted my chances of winning any scholarships, but after your class, I have the confidence and drive to try my hardest! I am excited to see what I can do. Thank you for coming to my school, you helped more than you may think!

~ Ellie K., Maple Grove, MN

I just wanted to send an email and say thank you. I feel like I never properly said thanks for all the work you put into helping me. There are not words to tell you how much you have helped me get through the maze of applying to college. It certainly is difficult, but I am very thankful for the help you provided.

~ Molly B., Lakeville, MN

Every kid in college or preparing to go to college should listen to what you have to say. The kids need to hear this so they know what to do and the parents need to hear this so they can remind their kids what they should be doing. Funding college is a multi-faceted undertaking and there is no reason that scholarships can’t be a major part of that funding. Your seminar changed our thinking and our approach to winning scholarships. With two daughters in college and a son only two years away, they all have a new part time job... applying for scholarships!


~ Curtis Carstens, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

We wanted to thank you again for the wonderful presentation you gave. We’ve heard nothing but positive feedback!

~ Matt Estel, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

We truly appreciate you sharing your wisdom and experience with our parents and students at Eagan High School. You did a great job answering questions and providing useful strategies in finding and earning scholarships.

~ Eagan High School, Eagan, MN

The members were inspired by your story to really pursue scholarships as a way to finance graduate schools. Several members said that the cost was deterring them from going to graduate school, but that after your presentation they felt that grad school was within their reach. Not only were members inspired, but they also left with concrete advice for how to start their own scholarship searches. Thank you again for sharing your expertise.

~ Minnesota Literacy Council, St. Paul, MN

Jason's advice and counseling on my daughter's college admissions process was invaluable. I don't believe there is another service out there that can provide the same level of extremely high quality assistance to those of us wading through the quagmire of the college admissions process as Jason can. His expert experience - coming from actually having worked in the trenches of Harvard University's Admissions Office - is unparalleled. He is super easy to work with, and is brilliant, insightful, creative, and just all-around top notch.


Jason knows exactly what college admissions offices are looking for when they read applications from prospective students. We feel strongly in my family that the outstanding results my daughter achieved (she was accepted at several highly selective Universities around the country - and the world) are due in large part to Jason's guidance.


I look forward to working with Jason again in a couple years when it will be my son's turn to apply to colleges.

~ W. Preska, Woodbury, MN