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As an award-winning independent educational consultant, ScholarEdge President Jason Lum has established himself as an expert in college and scholarship advising. He has worked with hundreds of students, school, universities, and companies. His clients include students from across the United States and East Asia, Fortune 500 companies, and scores of school districts. A sampling of the overwhelmingly positive feedback received in the last decade:

When I first learned that I would be participating in a scholarship interview, we did a lot of research to find the best coach. Jason Lum, without a doubt, seemed like our best option. After working with him, we have no regrets. He gave me a very thorough coaching session with a mock interview and analysis. Although we worked together for only a short amount of time, he gave me a lot of honest constructive criticism that helped to fine-tune my responses to common interview questions. 

Interview day came, and I was prepared for every single question that was asked of me. I also felt more confident and comfortable in the interview after receiving Mr. Lum's training. Two weeks later, I found out that I'd been awarded the National Stamps Scholarship. I was one of ten students out of 30,000 applicants who received this award. We 10/10 recommend his services. 

~ G.R., South Carolina

Working with Jason has proved to be life changing. Initially, I sent out my applications to top schools without help from a private counselor, only to receive eleven disappointing rejections. After senior year, I took a gap year, started working with Jason, reapplied to my top choice Ivy League college, and was accepted. I was traveling around South America at the time, but it was easy to work over email with Jason, who promptly answered every question and reviewed every essay. Jason’s invaluable expertise on how the application process really works helped me present my best self and made all the difference the second time around!

~ E.S., Minnesota

As a Brazilian, my initial fear was that it would be hard to work with Jason due to distance and time zone concerns. It turned out to be really easy to work on a daily basis with him! From the very first contact with Jason, I felt comfortable as I could see his professional standpoint and genuine determination of his work. He has a firm grip in assisting in the best way possible. With every essay I wrote, he was scrupulous with not only the grammar and sentence structure, but the general impact of the essay as well. His advice and suggestions showed me parts where I could improve and add more voice to my paper. In conclusion, after all this process, I’m delighted to recommend him as a college advisor.

~ V.C., São Paulo, Brazil

Mr. Lum was instrumental in assisting with my college admissions process. He always answered my questions concerning my classes, interviews, and supplemental materials professionally and thoroughly. Mr. Lum was an invaluable advisor when I wrote my main and additional college essays. He helped me brainstorm topics, gave exceptional vocabulary suggestions, and diligently proof-read my work. I am forever indebted to Mr. Lum – I know I would not have been accepted to Stanford without his invaluable advice and extraordinary writing ability.



S., Stanford University (undergraduate)


~ S., Stanford University (undergraduate)

Jason Lum's delivery is clear, engaging and fresh. His style is a wonderful mix of warmth and confidence. I'm very happy to recommend Jason Lum as a speaker and presenter.


~ D'Arcy Smith, Voice and Speaking Coach, Guthrie Theater

We had met with a few college advisors before but once we spoke with Jason, we immediately chose him. His hard work was shown on the first visit and our relationship only improved from there. Even in my junior year, well before all other advisors would have begun the process, Jason took the time to sit down with us and create a plan of what universities I would apply to. He told us about all college options, from liberal arts colleges, to state schools, to Ivy League universities. By senior year, we were already a step ahead of others as we already had an application plan, allowing us to focus on essays. With each essay I wrote, he would meticulously go through each sentence and show where improvements could be made without taking away my voice. With his incredible work effort, I was able to get into my dream school.

~ Robert H., Univ. of Pennsylvania (Wharton)

Mr. Lum, I was at your presentation in Louisville, CO at Monarch H.S. Having my wife being from Kaneohe and being half Japanese, I could relate to all the stories about Hawaii . . . Your talk gave me great hope and created a great excitement to get started with my daughter in the "hunt" for $. Thank you for coming to Colorado.


~ Dennis C., Broomfield, CO

"Jason, thank you so much for presenting the scholarship information to our students. The presentation was well received and I am to continue sharing this valuable information."


"Our students learned so much and will use all the information you presented. Thank you!"


"Thanks for a great session!"


"Jason, thank you so much for taking time to work w/ our students. The information you shared was great!"

~ Aims Community College - Student Support Services