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College Summer Programs – Are They Worth It?

Summer College Programs - Are they worth itMany high school students wonder what college life will be like.  They wonder about the social aspects and the academic challenges that will await them.  Thanks to college summer programs that are offered by many top-ranking colleges and universities across the U.S., students no longer have to wonder what college life will be like; instead, they can experience it for themselves in the form of college summer programs.

Top colleges across the nation offer summer programs to high school students. Frequently known as college discovery or college enrichment programs, students can spend a few weeks to a few months participating in programs that focus on an array of subjects from mathematics to the arts.  Some schools even offer athletic programs for interested students.  

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Creating your College List: When to Do it and How to Base Your Decision

How To Create Your College ListAs a student, you’ll have difficult choices to make regarding your educational career.  Certain choices like whether or not to take band with your best friend or sign up for drama classes will be easy, while other choices, such as where to apply to college, will be difficult.

When it comes to making difficult choices, some people tend to procrastinate to avoid the inevitable.  Unfortunately, when it comes down to choosing where to go to college, the worst thing a student can do is procrastinate because the college you choose is arguably going to be one of the most meaningful choices you’ll make in your life.

So, what’s next? How do you make that choice? And when do you make it?

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Getting a Head Start on the Common Application – Why You Should Start This Summer

Getting a head start on the Common Application – why you should start this summer How would you like to spend your senior year? Would you like to spend it harried, running around frantically trying to complete your college applications? Or would you rather complete your college applications early so that you can enjoy your senior year without worries of essay prompts and recommendations in the forefront of your mind?

If you chose the latter, then you should start the application process this summer.  Getting a head start on the Common Application will not only save you a ton of stress, but will also help you stay organized during the process.

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Class Planning for Senior Year: What to Take and Why

Class Planning for Senior Year What to Take and WhyIt’s your senior year and you're probably feeling just as excited as you are exhausted. You don’t know what the future holds, but you’re hoping that college is your next big step.  After all, you’ve paid your dues: you’ve taken the standardized tests, made good grades, volunteered when needed, and also took on extracurricular activities from sports to band – all to impress a panel of strangers who hold the key to your future in their hands.

Clearly, the college admissions process can be an emotional rollercoaster.  And at this point in the process, most students will decide that they’ve done all that they can do to convince admissions to select them over another candidate.

Blaming senioritis, seniors everywhere will convince themselves that their last year of high school doesn’t really matter to colleges.  Many students will be tempted to slack off and will make the mistake of cruising through their senior year, hoping to avoid taking anything that could be considered academically rigorous.  

But before you write-off your senior year as nothing more than a waiting period until your “real” life starts, consider using your senior year instead as a way to prepare for the academic rigor of college.  Furthermore, enrolling in certain types of courses can help you earn credit in high school that you can use later in college.

Below are a few ideas of what courses to take during your senior year and why...

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The summer after junior year: Things to do to bolster your college application

The summer after junior year: Things to do to bolster your college applicationThe summer after your junior year does not have to be filled with stress and anxiety. You don’t have to sit around worrying and wondering if you’ve done everything you need to do to be noticed and hopefully selected by the college of your choice.  In fact, if planned ahead of time, the summer after your junior year can be the perfect opportunity to participate in a few activities that will not only make your summer memorable, but also help add substance to your college application. 

While your peers worry about making a last ditch, herculean effort to impress the college admissions office by prepping for yet another standardized test, consider using your summer vacation to invest your personal time in activities that not only interest you, but will serve to impress an admissions officer or two.

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Benefits & Downsides of Living in a Dorm

Benefits & Downsides of Living in a DormWhat comes to mind when you think of living on campus? Unlimited freedom? Silly shenanigans? Crazy parties? Understandably, most people associate the quintessential college experience with wild, debauchery-filled times. And in the minds of many, the setting for all that debauchery is usually the college dorm.   Contrary to what you’ve seen on television, there’s a lot more to living on campus than just wild parties.  In fact, there are many benefits to living on campus that go beyond what’s been depicted in movies about college life.   Below are a few of the lesser-discussed benefits of living on campus and a few downsides to consider, as well.

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Pros and Cons of Campus Visits – Are They Worth it?

Talk to any high schooler or their parents about the college admissions process and you will hear tales of woe.  The pros and cons of campus visits – are they worth it?The prospective student will mention how hard the SAT or ACT was.  He or she will complain about the dreaded college interview and their parents will nod their heads in agreement, claiming to have gotten a gray hair or two from helping their child navigate the intimidating world, or gauntlet, rather, that the admissions process is known to be.

But if you listen closely to their responses, you will catch the undertone of excitement in their voices, because the prospective freshman is about to have his dream become a reality.  The soon-to-be high school graduate is about to make his parents proud by going off to college.  And most likely what’s helping to drive that excitement is not only the idea of independence that’s awaiting the student, but also the student probably has had tangible evidence of what college life can be like because he or she attended a campus visit. A campus visit has a way of making or breaking your view of a college or university.  If you haven’t gotten a chance to take one yet, check out a few pros and cons of the campus visit listed below to decide if a visit to the college of your choice is worth it for you. 

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The benefits of preparing for college interviews with a private counselor

You’ve taken too many college entrance exams to name.Why Prepare for a College Interview with a College Consultant  You also made sure to take every Advanced Placement course your high school offered.  You’ve been in extracurricular activities since you were in 9th grade and for the most part you’re ready to handle any challenge thrown at you, but that was before you realized the college of your choice highly recommends interviews.

Now you’re nervous.  You don’t know what to expect.  What should you say? Should you be yourself? Should you be formal?  How should you dress? What type of questions will they ask you?

The person most qualified to answer these common questions that most prospective freshmen ask themselves is a private counselor. With the help of a private college counselor, you’ll have the direct assistance of a knowledgeable professional whose life work is dedicated to getting students like you into college. You might be thinking to yourself, is it really worth the money to pay for a private counselor to help you ace the dreaded college interview? And the answer is an emphatic yes.

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